Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Incoming - Parades and spectators

Whew.....there it went!

2008 is so last year....

it crawled out on it's haunches,
shutting out dark days....

Change is good, and the frenzy of the parade helps all forget about

amounts of loss paralyzing the country.

So a Rose Parade reminds us
that ritual is good
....and those who come to see the spectacle and enjoy the conviviality, and
sunshiny optimism.

Showstopping bands,

reasons to sleep or just take it all in...

Charles Phoenix - a Histo-tainer with his Mouse ears, and Good Year blimp overhead was iconoclast enough for me.

White men in white dress keep order and
scoot through the show..... 4 minutes late - just a tad off.

I was surprised by

the Alaskan float and two of the float riders won their seats by radio lottery...

fewer in attendence, just chalk that up to the economy...

FTD man

that Stephanie Edwards of KTLA got back her seat as hostess,

and Trombone man.

USC charged eventually trounce PA State.

The year ahead is but a speck on the calendar,
but hope does spring eternal.

Bring it on!

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