Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day in the Life

It is a spectator's sport.....

being on the look out for something bizarre, different.

It always seems to occur.

I am ready for planes (minutes
from the airport albeit), and
sometimes fearful of
the unforseen.
But out my rearview mirror
I saw several police, like
a herd, dressed and proceeding in formation,
driving through like
an equestrian team.

Next came the brilliant
world of Marina Farms...

pieces that will be float wallpapering for the

parade I will see shortly.

Rows of apples, grapes

bananas, papayas

avocado pears

but I also saw something
else, Jesse the barber.

He was in visitor mode,
barbells in the next seat
over and I gazed around.

His velvet paintings
from Juarez, Mexico

His fiefdom and lair
and he can talk out
any dilemna...which
I took him up on.

See stubborn donkey.
See rebellious stance
See Sombrero man.

Tis better to act cool
while all is fluster-bittering
around you.

And final curtain for the
year is here....rising
moon on still seas...

Fare the well for 2009
and I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Waiting and watching

Went to the airport to pick up my bother and his wife.

All those waiting have the exact same purpose as I do - wade through the dozens to find your people.

My eye caught these kids who stood against
the onslaught of people, standing stalwartly, eyes raised in hope.

A small chihuahua, name Patron
(like the tequila) took the prize -
surely a stunt double for
Nipper, the RCA dog only 7 weeks
and a 'babe magnet.' Trembling, he got three "hits" from said babes - average age 9 - 'paparrazzi' excluded.

Winter camelias in
the land of the Rose Parade

A Rose princess
shot if I ever saw

Bracing for really
below normal
temps - mid 40's
- a 4 layer minimum.

My east coast relatives
are sporting only Tee's.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Rain Drenched Christmas

Rain showers dampened the
day...but an enjoyable site
in Los Angeles, and makes
the lights particularly

Busses pour it on...

pedestrians saunter

I like the Pershing Square
skating rink - it glitters with

Family gathers for dressed up
dinner downtown - we're keen
for the unbelievable spread
of delicious food - paralyzed
with satiety but ready for

The topper -

'Oh Tannenbaum' sung
by some merry carolers.

By topping this topper

Almond macaroons..

Never have I savored (and stuffed) such
a tasty cookie, and was intiated
into this rite with my
grandparents in Chicago
where we froze in
mary janes, and wolfed
down this confection.

Same silly grin on my
face though, so not much really changes but now I call it an
Oprah moment.

And for those who scare a little holiday spirit into them....well, next town over was just giving it away.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Arctic in and sunny side out

How the arctic cold brings out the dark elements. Crows sit, shift and
view all from chilly wires.

Where do they descend to after the air clears?

Just run through the

day and zoom past the bared trees,

sun punches up the girders.

Swilling in warm color.

plummage with signs,

and re-animating
the skyline.

Land of artful poses.

sun-drenched babble in signage,

captions on the move

then re-upping it.