Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day in the Life

It is a spectator's sport.....

being on the look out for something bizarre, different.

It always seems to occur.

I am ready for planes (minutes
from the airport albeit), and
sometimes fearful of
the unforseen.
But out my rearview mirror
I saw several police, like
a herd, dressed and proceeding in formation,
driving through like
an equestrian team.

Next came the brilliant
world of Marina Farms...

pieces that will be float wallpapering for the

parade I will see shortly.

Rows of apples, grapes

bananas, papayas

avocado pears

but I also saw something
else, Jesse the barber.

He was in visitor mode,
barbells in the next seat
over and I gazed around.

His velvet paintings
from Juarez, Mexico

His fiefdom and lair
and he can talk out
any dilemna...which
I took him up on.

See stubborn donkey.
See rebellious stance
See Sombrero man.

Tis better to act cool
while all is fluster-bittering
around you.

And final curtain for the
year is here....rising
moon on still seas...

Fare the well for 2009
and I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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