Thursday, April 29, 2010

Los Angeles Festival of Books

It's a annual event...LA turns out for books at UCLA.

While turnout for the vendors has dwindled, with an obvious nod to recessionary times, the independents came out in a strong way.

I got to see two speakers. Bill McKibbon, an environmentalist
who is pushing for (350 parts per million of Co2) in the atmosphere.

Sebastian Junger spoke about Afghanistan and told of life in the military there. He wrote the Perfect Storm, he said because he need to recupurate from a gash in his leg.

And for the ladies, (mostly) Alice Waters of Chez Panisse gave a demo on making a basic vinagrette...add more vinegar to about one half proportions.

Some titles are rather fun...

Nascar appeal makes
Math fun!

The day is full of things to discover and be part of a community, which LA has in fits and starts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Presidential landings and Mars rovers

I know, you don't expect to walk down the street and see Air Force One. (click on image for bigger picture)

The prez came in for a fundraiser, and no fool he, they helicopted him over LA traffic to his destination.

I got to see both the naval 'copter chop the exact time NPR told me he had landed.

And further orbital sightings, took us to

- Jet Propulsion Laboratories.

Fantasy land in the crew area - jumping in white zoot suits and an inch of eye space to
look through.

Don't know about the future of our space missions...but these guys here make a rover that keeps
on roving....

Last estimate for time the Spirit should stay on Mars....5 months....Actual time it's been up there....over 5 years.

Now that's the spirit.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

THINGS to take a look see

Taking in a warehouse of whatnots has its allure.

But I see very little that appeals....which is unusual.

Is it possible to be be now the looky-loo and not that rabid hoarder of stuff, I wonder???

I walk out with nothing....just pictures!!!

My mother would be so proud!

Note: As I am posting this I am watching TLC's Hoarders, I am relieved that I'm not THAT bad.....still have a love for stuff....but to the 2nd degree and not to the nth.