Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long View

They say that vision is best if is 20:20

Life can telescope into moments of great joy and great sadness….with lots
of foreshadowing and unbridled serendipity.

Each day something new unfolds….and I felt
as if I walked into a dark morality play about Life
when coming home I found sort of death at my door.
One passenger, inhibited by his own feet to walk,
stranded, with plenty of
mobilizing help but still stranded and waiting for something
to happen.

And when you take a long, cold look
at that view well

Life just goes along…..

Smell the flowers…..


Go for that ride

Find lemons, which make the lemonade
or some other fanciful

To then find joy, drama, abstractions....

time pulses through...

and then more distractions - more straight ahead joy, unbridled

Notwithstanding that you
one day be robbed of your
health, your independence
and then your hope…

Until little glimpses
Of it re-appear –

A vistor,

A friendly someone to pet

And reminders that as Warren
Zevon puts it: “Your Ride is Here.”
taking you in whatever direction
you need to go.

Until that next time comes around…..
Here’s to the little pleasures…

A smily French girl winking back
at you while you enjoy every morsel.

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