Monday, June 27, 2011


Life in the streets is full of history and personalities....

Downtown LA is splendidly

"Sunset Blvd" was playing at one of the old theatres - The Palace.

Once vaudeville
there is street theatre.

Blue man group appeared...

almost darting out
of their custom

A peek at Beverly Hills - cameras flickering.

A hawk perches on 3rd balcony....

he's very much a local says the parking attendant.

Fine time for a respite.....

albeit hairbender from Portland, OR

Monday, June 6, 2011


Vera, a tortoise shell tabby was a very sweet cat. At 17, she grew weak with kidney problems, common for older cats. I had to put her down today - which makes it a very sad day.

She was a gift from a stranger and an uncommonly kind cat...

She is sorely missed. I'm wondering how many days of looking out from underneath my feet to really recognize that she's gone.

Candles are burning....may she rest in peace.