Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cars in another time

Living in this small corner of Los Angeles that hugs the coast line, it feels like a stone's throw from yesteryear...

Cars create the aura of cool.....

Like this Mission Impossible truck hooked up with super-surveillance I imagine it.

Some cars are just timeless. There's an LA speed
cruising at "I'm cool " as these wheels convey.

Most of these stay parked in safe harbors....what with the 1 in 10 outta work here, and economic enfrazzlement, best to clock out for a better day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A wire runs through it.....

Nearby is LAX - a huge, sprawling hub transportation with big jumbo jets pounding into the skies.

LAX took back some land and just cleared the several acres of original housing and kept it clear....

Great to have open spaces...

a hollywood animals refuge - Jet Pets

Walking and decompressing after a long day of
school....I let my mind wander and just look
around...and get my head going into a different

like finding sidewalk forms

can morph into eels or gilbralter

But I like to do a walk through and see
what unravels....eyes on the move.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Down through the town....night lights

Going through downtown LA at night brings out the old and new...

Lots of new buildings going up as well as a tremendous amount of conversions of hotels space into condos/lofts.

Orpheum Theatre a landmark.

You notice lighting design and signage.

Staples Center
is host to the rabid Laker fans...

Right next door LA Live is just being built...

Cool blues pop on a cloudy night

and continues to throw new light on the
sometimes shabby downtown vibe.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rain and shine

Tuesday starts the week - one hairy turn towards a school bus gets a bit too close for comfort.

But the rain just dampens the roads....but friends stay close.

Kids handle talking phones....

more like a lifeline for those who need total immersion with the chatty object...

But the world seems brighter after the storm...
Chariots await but go unattended.

Mark my day with balloons

Splendid shiny
day....with sweeps of color

Reflective power of the sun.

Huge caravans of beer unloads at the mini liquor store....

How far off can spring really be?
or perhaps an uptick on all of the externals is what we are all really looking forward to...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I heart long weekends - even in the rain.

X marks the spot for departures.....

Everyone was looking forward to a getaway.

Long weekend to celebrate those who you love and of course, remember all 44 Presidents.

Got to leave for the rainy day weekend on
Saturday and headed down the coast to
Oceanside - a sleepy community close
to Camp Pendleton.

A long walk to the pier

sights along the way

A burst of colors

Warm hearths

Nuts and chews and

and well, flowers make for a warm,

although pretty freezing weekend.