Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things that make a Saturday

Saturdays are like puff pastry....easy, fun
to partake and well, delicious.

And a stop off at the Angel Maid bakery was
a must see. I saw someone stop there this week, so I made a run in.

Lot's of oggling

and pointing what might be more delish than the next.

Surely the dozen or so others in there were aware of this Saturday stop off.

And the day was filled with serendipity and new observations.

From meeting a lovely woman, Charlotte who
traded secrets
for cleaning tea kettles - baking soda.

I recognize ladies who like wearing purple...they are a lively bunch.

And nature's perfect symmetry,

as well as man made line drawings...

and structures

All is good and a lovely afternoon on this warm, westerly kick back side of Saturday.

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