Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weather report - Cloudy, blue skies a bit further ahead

America woke up with it's new President
declaring it is

"our time....and yes, we can."

So when renewal sends our spirits to loftier places, let's look at some of the day with the forecast ahead.

Telecast of inaugural event came with questions
of who is that lady speaking -

answer- "Sen. Dianne Feinstein"

to what's Obama doing gazing skyward
answer - "Appalachian Spring."

Today there's a cloudy bank of sky with
some blue sky showing.

Thousands of clouds show up - intermittently

Over a million people showed up in
DC today and without incident. Amazing.

Then the great equalizer - Obama the deliberator.

Then the rocky facts - the economy, the wars, global warming, energy, civil strife and inequality and education.

Then the cools and the hots of entrenched beliefs of the reds and the blues.

and the hopeful.....

There is hope for a blue sky future.

But, talk is cheap.

You can't predict the weather but you can inspire good will and seek a warmer front.

Hail to the Chief, may you be a rainmaker.

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Anca Olga Vrinceanu said...

Your picture are asbolutely amazing, I saw some of ones when I'am blogging
good luck