Monday, October 27, 2014

All Good Dogs go to Halloween Parades

I am a dog lover, but I don't have one of my own....I miss having a sweet furry bundle of joy underfoot, hanging by my side, and no question they are as loving a creature as can be found. Yet as a city dweller, I could never see myself running after all that a sweet dog requires and waiting for pick-up duty. That to me is a horrifying responsibility - 'nuf said.

I can enjoy other people's dogs....and know the joy first hand when they come up to me and lean in for a pat on the head. Heaven only knows that there are obsessive dog owners who will parade their animals as children, feed and coddle them, but guess what, in Long Beach they created a dress-up Haute Dog parade to celebrate Halloween and exhibit said love-bugs.

What follows is an over-the-top tribute to all things furry, their owners and all things ridiculously fun. And yes, only in certain dog-loving circles is this possible. Welcome dog lovers to California!

Everywhere  you looked.....the dogs just got cuter. And each one was smiling away...amped up by all the attention they were getting and happy owners!

Again, as far as the eye could see...there was this landscape of hilarity....bear with me as I took pictures of quite a few of them....

And no dog EVER suffered due to extra body detailing...clothes, make-up or hats...If the dogs were bothered by it....they'd walk out of their costumes if that became an issue. In fact we did see one do just that in the parade line...and the owner quickly just removed the excess and continued on!

And if ever there was to celebrate the happiness of both owner and pets, this was the time to do it...I got a chuckle over quite a few of them....but this disco-ball-bearing dance-ready family made me laugh!

Heaven on earth, folks....yes, that's what it is.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Long Days with beach weather

And we're in the middle of October and the beach days just keep coming....

Here's the set up in front of Shutters Hotel...bikers in the foreground. I was out riding myself.

Pretty nice, eh?!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sounds atop the hills.....

Hiked up Baldwin Hills Overlook on a switchback trail used daily by staying fit types and wanna be's like myself.

Had heard of a 'sound event' held by SASSAS short for Society for the Activation of Social Space Through Art and Sound.....combining music, meditative group participation and elevated sonic atmosphere to achieve that experience.

 Got to hear (and participate) in Sarah Petersen's sound part humming, one part group adhesion by proximity.

It feels very that there is a direct experience from within, and from without it is recorded to present that intimate experience for others.

Next up was a musical group - lead by Matt Barbier and his team of accordian players. Looked like another sound experience that was going to be fun.

Drifted down the hill...among the daily walkers and bikers.

Lots of folks out enjoying a Sunday in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Way Over Yonder - Santa Monica Pier 9.26 - 27.14

The second annual Way Over Yonder two-day event took place last weekend, with Lucinda Williams and Jackson Browne headlining each night.  The Newport Folk Festival vibe was alive and well.

Stayed for a few of the 15 or so acts....some in the carousel, and most others on the main stage.

Here's Moses Sumney onstage...with soulful harmonies and synthesized sounds.

Acoustics in here are pretty good....
 Inside the carousel with The Far West here.

The headliners did not dissappoint...

Lucinda Williams sings songs from her crowd pleasing well as stunning us with the new...on in particular, "Protection" was terrific.

Pleasing the crowd with several of his older songs "Running on Empty...." and quite a few from his newer work, coming out this week.

And a picture perfect evening to sway with the music....simply stunning!