Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day - a call to honor those who served

It was nice to celebrate Veterans day just looking around the 114 acre cemetery.

Flags were ablaze on the windy day....and really only a few tributes left for the vast number there.

I wonder if Mr. Shababy had a fun nickname during the war.

The vet's have a garden they maintain....and I love going there....

Not only is it open just for the farmer's market, but I got to see baseball being played (UCLA) on the eucalyptus lined field.

A new manager is in there to helping the vets work and tend to plants and maintain their Serenity parrot park. Just seeing long dirt roads and heavily lush areas provides great solace for their post war torn lives.

I'd say it's quite nice for anyone to take a stretch through the verdant green, listening to the craws from the birds in the distance.