Monday, April 27, 2009

LAT Festival of Books - days of books

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books has had an annual book festival for the past 15 years.

It is a friendly, curious crowd
appreciative of the venue. But more than just looking at books, people actually talk to one another.

LA, known for it's heavy drive time and traffic,
does get out and
exchange ideas.

Great panels with writers,
politocos, and
gourmet foodies - all there to cross
paths and connect.

A time to be on campus and enjoy the day.

Chronicle books puts out some silly titles..
always well packaged.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

All things beautiful - Huntington Gardens/Farmer's Market

The annual plant sale at the Huntington fell
on this weekend...While I would love to be more
of a gardener, I don't have anywhere to put a beautiful I circulate and enjoy what I see.

Funny that Julia Childs has a rose, but then again, I went to a major garden
in Vancouver BC - Butchart Gardens, and low and behold - Baraba Bush
has a rose too.

This would be the one I would get - Rosa Ebb Tide. It is so fragrant.

While I might have gone into the garden, I opted to avoid the crowds and find an equally pleasurable local - The Sierra Madre
Farmers' Market.

Lilacs are a perennial favorite...hard
to grow in a warmer climate..but
here they are.

Ladies who sell them.

My quarter didn't do it for Mr. Silverman

He suggested that a dollar would do.....
aahh, inflationary pressures.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day - Day in the Life

We'd like to fancy ourselves earthlings as ready for anything.....

Particularly Californians...with our joie de vivre
and eco-sound ways of living

But there have been some dire warnings

Water, food and shelter are vulnerable

to sudden impact of unforeseen consequences.

So take that walk, run or ride....

We've reached May Day...even if it is April

Take heed further examination as to what we CAN DO is the way to proceed.

We put seedlings into paper mats....

and hope that science and

the indomitable spirit take hold -

to wit...

Be considerate of all living things.

Not a matter of mind over matter....

Incalculable forces at play....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the sunny side

It is not hard to spot the beauty
in the abundantly
colorful west coast.

From the Honeysuckle roadside to the

native poppy - an elfin charmer...and that dayglow orange gets me every time.

At the start of another turn, this little bed of color was so inviting. Icelandic poppies
with corals and pinks are the bomb...

...and I do stop to reflect and spot the tourist from the natives And I try to

smell the roses every chance I get....

It is a picture perfect day

and to be celebrated...