Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last camellia

I found the fallen flower on the doorstep today

a beauty, really....

but today was the day my mother succumbed to sickness and found a tranquil resting spot.

She planted the magnolia tree in the front yard after a big Oak had toppled. I loved seeing it's budding beauty, even on this cold and rainy February day.

She was a tremendously loving mother, funny as all get out and I shall miss her terribly. Like any beautiful flower, the color fades but the brilliance of her presence still shines brightly in my heart and mind.

....we come and go....loved and loved some more by our mothers. Mine was a truly sweet one, most of the time. She was deeply caring and a port in the storm for us.

She left today feeling well loved and appreciated.....I will see her in so many forms from now on.....especially in the flowers that surround us in winter.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting to move...transport stops

I love to watch people - even for a split second.

Skies ablaze with dusky cool and warm colors.

Seems like the sky writing has gone south...