Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reagan Library visit - Little Republicanville in Simi Valley

I probably would never have gone to this ode to Republicanism, except that the school planned it,and well, it was sort of amusing.

It's not everyday that you see Ronnie's face depicted in jelly beans!

Obama's portrait appeared that week, and I have to ask which one looks more like a Mad Magazine character who might say "What me worry?"

The museum sat upon a hill, and it was freezing.

And "see the plane", that they flew Air Force One, a Boeing 707 which seems so antiquated by today's standards.

The table at Chasens
where he wooed Nancy.

his movie 'magic.'

Got back in the nick of time for kids to board
their own busses home.

and I got to head back to see the sun
"drop" into a bank of clouds.

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