Monday, June 29, 2009

Stairway to heaven

Shopping centers are alluring places....
hopping with shiny visuals and pulsating noise all around you...getting you in a BUY mode.

But not everyone can take it....I noted a dutiful reader, dressed expertly but quite indifferent to the madness all around her.

And every woman might desire to
have a mardi-gras, star kissed look
found at Dior....but I'm not sure
how many.

And while this happened on Thursday, June 24th...the day that the King of Pop died...

I saw the strangest happening - men with mannequins running through the parking lot, and well, up the escalator.

I can only imagine that was the time in the afternoon that bodies are taken up another escalator heading skyward. And in fact, they did take two that I may not be that far off.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Downtown 30's style with STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE

Got an invite downtown to a swell evening...

Starts out with Clifton's Cafe - been there since '31 and legend dining with gravy smothered pork and crispy fish choices.

Always a sinful display of desserts......

They start right at the beginning...

A treat in it's ode to the natural forest.....

quite extraordinarily people-friendly and in the depression, the owner would guarantee a
hot meal.

Off to the amazing LA to
serve the enthusiastic
LA Conservancy crowd.

Architecturally, it's deco roccoco or so I think...and sublime.

Dirt buildup, but that doesn't impede the affair, just adds contrast to the bones.

A children's room with farm animals
painted delightfully.

Another supremely regal institution,
in the drab downtown scenery.

Hop into hot pink...

Flirty even among those who try not to be noticed.

Summer's here....

and the force is upon us to get out for a frolic.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the midst of splendor, some downer news

I will retreat to the farmer's market just to get the community feel and fresh produce. Admittedly I don't need too many zucchini's but

I consider it a highlight to the day....

Just the little bit of human exchange is

The bonus this day, was also to see the cool gardens at the Veterans
center where everywhere you turn...

another wonderful
sign of life and beauty.

It was midday, and overhead thunderous amounts
of helicopters were rumbling. From one stall to the next
there was chatter of whether this could be an accident on
the 405...but within seconds, someone reported that
Michael Jackson had suffered a heart attack.

I met the reflexologist
Shirley, with her brilliant hat - she'll greet you with
a warm handshake and smile.

I do adore hydrangeas and they were robust in the glorious sun. I joke about the blues ones as they remind me of old lady's hair.

So amidst the sad news of two stars demise, I was happy to share the time with some stars in nature....

and reflect on life's beauty.

You see it everywhere...