Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sincerely Hallmark

All, I needed was some fresh air and a good walk.

down the bike path.... sunset was within the hour and see what follows....

There's a governator's challenge to keep fit and do so for the next 45 I'm keeping a tally. What's good with this is they will contribute $100,000 towards a new athletic facility
if you and your school wins.

Most the kids I know want to just read or play video games....

Just as I was capturing a little video a big jumbo
jet from LAX careened over...putting a little
damper on the serene evening.

I've heard that the ocean is a place to get
that 'oceanic' feeling...sort of that expansive,
high priestess of exhaltly cool breath of freshness.

So take a breather here.....

Hallmark cards beware.

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