Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Rain Drenched Christmas

Rain showers dampened the
day...but an enjoyable site
in Los Angeles, and makes
the lights particularly

Busses pour it on...

pedestrians saunter

I like the Pershing Square
skating rink - it glitters with

Family gathers for dressed up
dinner downtown - we're keen
for the unbelievable spread
of delicious food - paralyzed
with satiety but ready for

The topper -

'Oh Tannenbaum' sung
by some merry carolers.

By topping this topper

Almond macaroons..

Never have I savored (and stuffed) such
a tasty cookie, and was intiated
into this rite with my
grandparents in Chicago
where we froze in
mary janes, and wolfed
down this confection.

Same silly grin on my
face though, so not much really changes but now I call it an
Oprah moment.

And for those who scare a little holiday spirit into them....well, next town over was just giving it away.

Merry Christmas.

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