Thursday, December 18, 2008

It ain't over til the fat lady sings

Excitable kids and jingalingers, singin' their little hearts
out at a fundraiser for the school. Let them stomp, beat,
stomp at the phrase -
"Santa's comin' to town..."
These kids are unstoppable.

Perpetual motion and hearding them kids
has left me a bit beat...and while
I have transportation, I might not
want to go too far.

Wait...that looks like a recession
picture. Maybe that's the mood.

Well, tra la la la la anyway.


Don Gray said...

Hi Nina--great to discover your blog! I really like your photos, the night ones are especially rich and mysterious. Love your poetic dialogue too. Happy Holidays!

n warner said...

Hi Don,

Happy Merry to you....and I appreciate your kind words. I love
your night painting with the truck
in the lot, so we both have an affinity for night views. Be well.