Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art Sale and the arrival of new SMC Broad Stage

I've come down with bronchitis
and have been home on the mend
since Saturday.

But I was hellbent to get to the Art Sale at Santa Monica

The morning clouds
look like giant blimps
in the air....the arctic
chill funnelled in this
amazing white cloud
chiffon, almost like
a toothpaste trail...

But the new building
blew me away...

It is the Broad theater
and will hold 499 people
and a smaller one - the
Edye which takes only 99.
All seed money came from
big doners like Eli Broad
and Dustin Hoffman, who
went to college at SMC.

numbers of
pieces to partake -
From drawings of
zoo animals to
people watching,
it is a joy to behold.

I found some small
pieces to my liking...
little blown glass
vases and a few
gifty items.

I was taken by this
type ceramic light.
Almost lotus-like...

But when I went to my doctor who
put me on bedrest, and gave
me codeine laden cough syrup
to quell my cough...and a strip
of antibiotics, called a z-packet...

I had to laugh, because those doc's just had to cover all their bases
with their ode to the holidays display.

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