Saturday, December 27, 2008

Waiting and watching

Went to the airport to pick up my bother and his wife.

All those waiting have the exact same purpose as I do - wade through the dozens to find your people.

My eye caught these kids who stood against
the onslaught of people, standing stalwartly, eyes raised in hope.

A small chihuahua, name Patron
(like the tequila) took the prize -
surely a stunt double for
Nipper, the RCA dog only 7 weeks
and a 'babe magnet.' Trembling, he got three "hits" from said babes - average age 9 - 'paparrazzi' excluded.

Winter camelias in
the land of the Rose Parade

A Rose princess
shot if I ever saw

Bracing for really
below normal
temps - mid 40's
- a 4 layer minimum.

My east coast relatives
are sporting only Tee's.

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