Monday, June 29, 2009

Stairway to heaven

Shopping centers are alluring places....
hopping with shiny visuals and pulsating noise all around you...getting you in a BUY mode.

But not everyone can take it....I noted a dutiful reader, dressed expertly but quite indifferent to the madness all around her.

And every woman might desire to
have a mardi-gras, star kissed look
found at Dior....but I'm not sure
how many.

And while this happened on Thursday, June 24th...the day that the King of Pop died...

I saw the strangest happening - men with mannequins running through the parking lot, and well, up the escalator.

I can only imagine that was the time in the afternoon that bodies are taken up another escalator heading skyward. And in fact, they did take two that I may not be that far off.

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