Sunday, June 14, 2009

Panorama Enthusiast Society and Bulgarian folk songs

Suddenly summer upon us, and another adventure downtown....

Nickel Diner is such a cool find and sumptuous
deserts -

the Ding Dong (you guessed it - made with mayo?!), the red velvet cake (yup, no substitute for red die #5), the Smores cake, the Cher - (you got to have *&^ to eat it....well, inside
humor from the proprietors)....Delish.

I like their slogan...

This is the place
There is no place
Quite like this place
Anywhere near this place
So this must be the place

Obviously this is a place.....a step below
Hope, but still a place to burrow for the night.

Sometimes you rush by and see this....

street life is no life at all.

Transition to the next phase of the night

The Union Theatre - Home of the Panorama Enthusiast

a sister to the
unusual and profane -
Museum of Jurassic Technology

A unique offering of soulful songs from EA - Eva and Aurelia - channeling the joy and pain of Eastern European

Part mix of artfully fragile crowd and vodka infused gadflies...this evening proved to be unique and compelling.

Wandering through to their garden of delight -
sumptuous smells of the Trumpet plants and
a gazebo to settle into
the night.

Where would I have heard music sung in
Georgian, and eagerly translated by audience members....with lines like -

"I love you like the wheat that sticks to my pants leg....?"

Such adoration and fervor is refreshing.

Inside the panorama itself - The Alabaster Isle of Penglai.

Not be missed....

And this is Lakers country...

Guess what...they won!

Get your Escalades and Hummers downtown!

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