Friday, June 26, 2009

Downtown 30's style with STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE

Got an invite downtown to a swell evening...

Starts out with Clifton's Cafe - been there since '31 and legend dining with gravy smothered pork and crispy fish choices.

Always a sinful display of desserts......

They start right at the beginning...

A treat in it's ode to the natural forest.....

quite extraordinarily people-friendly and in the depression, the owner would guarantee a
hot meal.

Off to the amazing LA to
serve the enthusiastic
LA Conservancy crowd.

Architecturally, it's deco roccoco or so I think...and sublime.

Dirt buildup, but that doesn't impede the affair, just adds contrast to the bones.

A children's room with farm animals
painted delightfully.

Another supremely regal institution,
in the drab downtown scenery.

Hop into hot pink...

Flirty even among those who try not to be noticed.

Summer's here....

and the force is upon us to get out for a frolic.

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