Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the midst of splendor, some downer news

I will retreat to the farmer's market just to get the community feel and fresh produce. Admittedly I don't need too many zucchini's but

I consider it a highlight to the day....

Just the little bit of human exchange is

The bonus this day, was also to see the cool gardens at the Veterans
center where everywhere you turn...

another wonderful
sign of life and beauty.

It was midday, and overhead thunderous amounts
of helicopters were rumbling. From one stall to the next
there was chatter of whether this could be an accident on
the 405...but within seconds, someone reported that
Michael Jackson had suffered a heart attack.

I met the reflexologist
Shirley, with her brilliant hat - she'll greet you with
a warm handshake and smile.

I do adore hydrangeas and they were robust in the glorious sun. I joke about the blues ones as they remind me of old lady's hair.

So amidst the sad news of two stars demise, I was happy to share the time with some stars in nature....

and reflect on life's beauty.

You see it everywhere...

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