Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Michael Jackson will take his final resting place today......

We remember him for all the ectastic, joyful
music he filled us with. Always a driven boy
wonder, his ending came far too soon.

The cause will probably be a tragic overdose of something very toxic.....
mums the word on the associative drugs.

The "Stop F*&kin' with Me" pin came from
a friend who got it at one of his concerts. It
comes from a line in the song, Scream - asking
people to get off his back.

A fragile a man that he became, he is now getting the deserved adulation...

we sing his praises, cut him some slack for his body manipulation and troubled soul - now we are in a mournful state....each of us the 'man in the mirror.'

May you rest in peace.

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