Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hollywood Forever - "Night of the Iguana"

Los Angeles is a movie town...

throw up a screen and they will come.

Signs of movie history are Alfred Hitchkock cues the driver.

The drive into Hollywood, brilliant evening sun punchs up the color and shadows of the landscape.

At Hollywood Forever, a cemetary that opens it's doors and draws a huge following for old movies.

This is a the entrance to Paramount though -
it borders the graveyard

Big brother watches

and does....

Bring your

and your groove...
pay your respects...

and down in front.

An auspicious evening is in store...

"Night of the Iguana" - written by Tennessee Williams was shot in '64.

Directed by John Huston (he is buried here) and stars Richard Burton in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a full tour de force of spent lives and battling inner demons.

A romp with the likes of a robust Ava Gardner, the pure of heart, Deborah Kerr, and the sex kitten, Sue Lyon.

Highlights include the infectious cabana boys - Pedro and Pepe....cha, cha.cha!

Leaving one wonders how many extra chuckles warm the stony silence of the graveyard
and raises the dead for some utter frivolity and world without end.

An Astro Burger awaits for post movie bliss....or not!

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