Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cat Coffee Klatch and San Pedro

You just sometimes stop into well,
another world. This cat haven...or perhaps
heaven for those who visit.

Came across Jackie's Purrfect adoption spot
this Sunday morning...

Cages designed for spiffy tweens, not a
furball in sight...

Could it be that
Jackie provides
a little
shelter and a soft spot
for those who visit, with
donuts and a round of conversation.

I found it so amusing...
and warmed my heart really....

only in America.

San Pedro is a coastal city, with
lots of bridges, overlooking a hardscrabble
view. Charles Bukowski lived there for sometime.

Vintage clothing and a special
sale, in the grab pile - $1 per each.

Lots of signage
when you need some inspiration.

Frolicking in the pool...

Cars on parade.....

Cabrillo Beach, where crows swooped into the blustery wind.

A lot of folks here just want to let their freak flag fly and today
we're all proud to be Americans.

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