Thursday, October 3, 2013


About every 3 years, the Santa Monica beach welcomes art projects set up at night that GLOW.

 The Ferris Wheel also got into the act, it colors from the Mandela created on it's face.

Open from sundown, until 3a- it is a night for reveling in the evening atmospherics.

How not to think that this is all pretty priomordial and elemental to our being.

Most enjoyable.



Connie said...

Love all of this, especially the bottom photo, with your comment. Actually, Nina, you bring me - and probably many others - a world I don't get to see. Thank you for that!

n warner said...


You are always so kind and thanks for your nice remarks....I like to share a part of my world, and appreciate that you like to see it too!

All the best,