Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cooper's Hawk on the wire

Looked out my window today, and saw a young Cooper's Hawk. Must have been all the rain and smells stirred up some interest from this predator.

Here are some facts:

(Accipiter Cooperii)
Description: Distinguished from other woodland hawks by a larger head; longer rounded tail and shorter rounded wings. In adults, there is a stronger contrast between back and crown.

Habitat: Prefers mixed woodlands, or streamside groves.
Diet: Preys on songbirds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians.
Displays: Courtship flight with wings in a deep arc.
Nest: Broad and flat or narrow and deep. Made of sticks and twigs and lined with wood
chips, down, strips of outer bark or green conifer needles.
Eggs: Bluish- white or greenish- white. Usually spotted with brown.
Natural history notes: Uncommon, and may be declining.

Of course, these birds may come and go at will, perched and holding tight until prey is in sight.

And then they are gone....


Connie said...

Beautiful photo, Nina - down below the hawk is lovely, too.
Missing you - are you okay?

n warner said...

Hi Connie,

Nice to hear from you....Great shot of you - very glamourous!
Doing fine....just not a lot going on to wanna write about. Your work continues to be wonderful!