Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sun drawn days

August is the quintessential summer month....

long on sun, endless hours either enjoying beach breaks or semi-toiling.

Never mind that a day at the beach is just that....

This group ambitious to get to Knottsberry Farm....a lemonade stand is the

My answer was a cup of lemonade and a picture.

In Pasadena at their Post Office, I shot pix before I was summarily stopped with "This is a Federal can NOT take pictures."

Well, I did to a point, never uttering a word.

Saw the movie, "500 Days of Summer" which someone mentioned was a 'love note to Los Angeles,' as they filmed many architectural splendors downtown.

I am pretty sure that they filmed on Prospect Street in Pasadena, where 'Summer' had a vision.

These groupings of trees in color and black and white are my ode to that great film.

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