Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stoic characters and Santa Monica Farmer's Market/Promenade and Pier

The more I observe the world around me, I am struck by the true individuals that gallantly go forth and let their 'freak flag fly...'

This lady pulled right up to the Postal worker
and whispered she wanted her mail.
Not in a mean way...but forthrightly.

And Mr. Stoic walks this route daily..

The vendors on the Promenade have to rotate into position and Mr. Balloon man waited
his turn.

My hat's off to the tenacious ones....

Santa Monica Farmer's Market is the grand daddy of them all...

the Wednesday one.

Dutiful shoppers, restauranteurs, local folk, tourists and the devoted all congregate here.

Special parking is granted for the restaurants....and they in turn grab all the red leafed butter lettuce...and haricot verts, perhaps a few yellow berries. Their clientele expect the finest...

So it is incumbent to get there early for the best finds.....I have my stops....but I was
saddened to learn that a longtime vendor Frank had died He was an energetic, asian man, always smiling and had the best leaks and mint I could find....Felt like I had just dug into his garden and pulled out what I needed.

What with the incident a few years back, the old man who drove recklessly through the people -killing several...they have blocked off one area with Police cars.

And Santa Monica being the tourist destination that it is....I walked down to the pier
and back through what' s known as the Promenade.

Lots of homeless people live there. The police force comes and goes. Even witnessed
some of them pulling out a monopoly game, just to pass the time, but I was too
shy to document it.

Yes, it's lovely down there.... part of our fantastic seaside living amusement/walk.

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