Sunday, April 12, 2009

A few nice moments - Easter staycation

I'm happy visiting the local art offerings...and had a cool visit to the Hammer in Westwood.

The show "Darker Side of Lightness" had a great poster, and I saw a
doppleganger of lady liberty and another face.

Switch it around
and you see something else....

Glorious farmers market at the Vet's Garden - a serene place for
the war blasted

and I get a thrill
at seeing the bunnies there...
They are year round, but given
that it is Eastertime....well...more of the moment...

Saw that the new Annenberg SPACE for Photography had opened..and I was very excited to see what was there..Some new technologies available to view their library...and a wonderful round room for slide/video presentations.
They had cushioned round leather seating...for a communal feel.

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