Sunday, April 26, 2009

All things beautiful - Huntington Gardens/Farmer's Market

The annual plant sale at the Huntington fell
on this weekend...While I would love to be more
of a gardener, I don't have anywhere to put a beautiful I circulate and enjoy what I see.

Funny that Julia Childs has a rose, but then again, I went to a major garden
in Vancouver BC - Butchart Gardens, and low and behold - Baraba Bush
has a rose too.

This would be the one I would get - Rosa Ebb Tide. It is so fragrant.

While I might have gone into the garden, I opted to avoid the crowds and find an equally pleasurable local - The Sierra Madre
Farmers' Market.

Lilacs are a perennial favorite...hard
to grow in a warmer climate..but
here they are.

Ladies who sell them.

My quarter didn't do it for Mr. Silverman

He suggested that a dollar would do.....
aahh, inflationary pressures.

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