Monday, October 13, 2008

Waxing of the moon

Sometimes when the moon is high, I get that urge to be anywhere but here...
which brings me to blog. And there were some righteous moments where
I'd stop in my tracks and look for and at the moon, enveloping the horizon,
peaking through the bend in the road. I will show you some of my faves
that I took on a trip up to Oregon in August.

I love the coolness of an open road, and the whirring of lights along
the way. I stopped and planted my camera for a few crazy night streams.

Most of these are in Jacksonville, OR trying to get out to my rest stop and finding
that the lights were so wonderful as the cars zoomed by. A stop by
Auntie Pasta's looked like this -

But the one stop was here....and that was like a real cross roads.

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