Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scurrying in a hurry at the golden hour

Took a bike ride down by the seashore...a long hill down
and back up again makes for an invigorating ride and a visually spectacular view.

They call it 'the golden hour.'

Getting down there before sunset makes for a peaceful time of night....

bikers get in their last burst of effort before nightfall and the rest of the beach goers fold back in and take the long walk back to their cars.

A moment after sunset I saw the loons getting settled in their perches, fidgeting and cawing.

For all the exciteable kids being told
'we're leaving.' is never good news.

Upon hearing those words, a young boy at that moment just started running across the bridge out of there....and laughing with such glee.

Almost a like a thief in the night, he took off
and never looked back....roll into the evening
by himself.

Nice night for an adventure....


Connie said...

So beautiful, Nina - makes me wish I were there!

n warner said...

Connie...it really is wonderfully beautiful, and always cool - something
those from Texas need every once in a while! Thanks for taking the time to comment!