Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tide Pools at Leo Carrillo State Beach - Malibu

So on a Monday, I was out at the Malibu Beach...and rediscovering tide pools with a bunch of 7-8 yr olds.  But it was a day that brought out a bunch of comers, a Chinese couple, some filmmakers, and
the usual suspects - surfers, pelicans, some hermit crabs and sea anenomes.
But when the kids ran out from the bus, descending onto the sand, and getting ready for some beach time, that's when the fun bagan.

We got them out of their shoes and walked thru some large rocks down and around the myriad sea creatures...

It takes some encouragement to get them to reach in and investigate....and we hoped to open up some new horizons.

 The smiles did tell us they very much enjoyed the day!

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