Tuesday, November 4, 2014

W. LA Animal Shelter - dedication of the highest order

I have a good friend Sandi who devotes a lot of her time working with the dogs at the W. LA Animal shelter. Her aim is to get all the dogs  a home and create an amazing picture of said critter....with a smile and upload it to the website listed below.  No easy task....as you can well imagine.

I asked if I could help in any way today and came in for over an hour. Sandi comes ready with treats - some gourmet, some with peanut butter and a full set of flowery headdresses for the lady dogs and ties for the males.

The dogs are brought down to an open area, to the right and then they are let loose inside to get their bearings, pee and generally sniff every corner of the area.

After a few minutes, Sandi approaches them with a bit more sincerity and coaxes them with said treats and gives 'em a good scratch all over. It is now when the magic might begin....getting them to sit still and get their close-up.

"Can we get you to smile please?!"

More names are checked over....and other dogs are being checked to go in....the bigger ones require other volunteers help...and its an orchestration requiring a lot of hands on deck!

Some of the dogs remain there longer than others...and some with behavioral issues are hopefully going to find the right match. It is always a race against time, and the issue is to get new owners in there to take on the pups.

Undoubtedly, these animals are surrounded by true animal lovers - people with enormous hearts and wisdom about their predicaments. The volunteers come in regularly and devote a great deal of time, and energy to keep  these pups happy and healthy and ready for a new home!

My hat goes off to Sandi and the rest of the staff, volunteers at this wonderful animal shelter.

LA Animal Services - Finding a companion

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