Saturday, August 9, 2014

Things particular to Maine

It's really a wonderful place  in the summer and beautiful all year round. It is the winter months that separate the hearty from the fool hearty though, as the amount of snow and cold has been brutal.

But come summer...and all the beautiful flowers and warm sunny days make for a completely magnificent spot.

You can hear the birds chattering, the kids laughter and various insect staccato which has been so enjoyable.

It feels like days go on forever and coming back year after year, there is something very timeless about it....

things I like under the summer's spell!
Need I say more?!


Connie said...

Just gorgeous - I feel cool (weather cool, that is) just looking at this beautiful place!

n warner said...

Yes it is so pretty....and has a wonderful cool breeze. Lovely!
Thanks for your thoughts :-)
Not thinking it is cool around Texas now!