Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hollywood Forever- venue for Peter Sellers "The Party"

Always a treat to head into Hollywood

and set up a picnic on the grounds of well, yes a cemetery. It's a gathering of folks, dining alfresco,underneath palm trees,

a rising moon, and even the whirly-pigs (LA policeforce by sky).

A festival atmostphere, with raucous and soulful tunes blaring out of a DJ's pit makes for a fun, fun time.

Even though we are sitting adjacent to the mausoleum that houses such luminaries as John Huston, Douglas Fairbanks and Rudolph Valentino, and about to embark in a 90 minute piece of fluff called "The Party," a peaceful air takes effect when the sky turns dark and the movie begins.

And there is Peter Sellers in his goofball glory...Claudine Loget, being her softly femme self.

Watching the moon rise over the screen is really quite amazing, but the plot twists and cast of characters including a baby elephant, made it a ridiculously, belly-laugh kind of evening.

 Somehow, the joy experienced must have sent all souls aloft this evening!


Connie said...

Hi Nina - so many reasons to love your blog - people watching, gorgeous scenery, innovative goings-on - to name a few. I get such a kick out of visiting and always learn something! Thanks Nina - please keep sharing your beautiful photography and insights - such fun!

n warner said...

Thanks Connie - that's such positive feedback....and thanks everso much!
I appreciate your fine works as well!
Best always!

Steev Raut said...

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n warner said...

Thanks for your was pretty cool!