Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jackshit at the Mint

Hold on....the band Jackshit was in town - at the Mint LA!

Round up Shorty Shit (Davey Faragher - base), Val McCallum - Lead, and Pete Thomas - drums-throw in some hayseed schtick, you know how they talk like country-bumpkins, figurin' you like their brand of humor. Which we do! One of them is Piece of Sh*&, Tall Sh*&, you know....goes on like that.

But these guys are super-talented artists - see who they play with - from Elvis Costello, to Jackson Brown, John Hiatt, Lucinda are they tight!

Guest starring on stage - Dave Alvin (formerly of The Blasters) made for an entertaining night.

Go out and see 'em. They rock!

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