Sunday, July 22, 2012

Concert by the Marina - Shelby Lynne & Lisa Loeb

Went out to enjoy the harbor lights and hear music from two incredibly talented singers

Shelby Lynne who won a Grammy for Best new Artist and known as a singer who can bridge the country, pop and rock threshold. She even played a small role in the film about Johnny Cash, "Walking the Line."

Lisa Loeb, known for her song "You Say" which was brought to the public's attention in the film - "Reality Bites." She is engaging and brought the crowd into song with campfire songs.

But the crowd and sumptuous setting were amazing.

Boats passing by were full of revelry and the wind off the water was super.

The sky light ever so brilliant under a cloudy sky. Wow, sure is nice to get out and be apart of a fun event.

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