Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scottish Festival at the Queen Mary

Highland games begin in Long Beach.
Stone's throw

Weight over bar - heave 42 lb weight up and over.

Hammer throw with swords on shoes needed

A ridiculously cute kilt wearing Lexi ringside

Watching the border collie await instructions.
Herding sheep to the corner.
Sheep in stationary pose.

Woop....there they go.

Big and small attend.

Regional head of Macneil clan.

Highland soldiers

anybody....got kilt?
From the Campbell clan

Ankle-laced shoes

Young scott with drooping kilt

Granada Hills bagpipers rehearse.

Drummond tartan...runs in the family.

Scotties get busy with sheep's pen.

Right out of a cartoon, these darling scotties run their master.

Strutting the scottish stuff.
Running through the tally board.

Highland dancing....May I have this dance?

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