Monday, January 17, 2011

LA County Museum - Broad & Resnick additions

LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) is full of surprises.

Target is the sponsor on
holidays - so
it is a free
for all kind of day.

Music pounded in the plaza and kids kept the beat -

a la balloon play.

Resnick plaza's first show is Fashion of the 1880's -

quite a contrast to today.

Architectural lines are pleasing to the eye as old and new sections of the Museum are
positioned together...

a striking line going through is the "Renzo red" pillars accentuating the bold look to the new Eli Broad center.

Broad's art collection is housed there.

Bubbles the chimp and Michael Jackson are a crowd favorite.

Along the way sights of helicopters landing and wild mural scapes dot the horizon....

in a brilliant, 75 degree kind of way.


laguna said...

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i am fit half blog you
i like to see poster rear jacko, he.. he

Duda said...

adorei o seu blog parabens....