Saturday, July 3, 2010

Angelino Heights

Got to see Angelino Heights -one of LA's first suburbs built in late 1900's - sitting on a hilltop, flush with Victorian houses.

Other styles entered the neighborhood. This stucco style housing with hydrangeas caught my eye.

We were welcomed inside some of them - with all sorts of old, dark interiors...

Carroll Avenue sustains itself with some 'historical zoning.' preserving the look of these first houses of LA, complete with iron carriage hookups on the sidewalks.

Several of the houses were in decline - but most of the really swell places had wonderfully painted exteriors, fresh green lawns and lots of detail work.

What an amazingly different time it was....and still exists in much the same way today in it's genteel splendor.


fredamans said...

What a gorgeous neighborhood, some lovely old homes!

n warner said...

Amazing, isn't it...If you lived here, you'd be home, right?!

Connie said...

I LOVE these houses!!!!!

n warner said...

Amazing in this day to see such care
and attention these get. Thanks for stopping by!