Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keeping young with the elders

I won't pussyfoot around it....we're all going to get there...

so when I got to visit this well staffed nursing home, I was pleased to see our elders enjoying several rounds of Bingo,with sharp-eyed ladies on every count.

Most were getting too old to enjoy life, but their quiet rectitude and keeping to their scheduled fun, seemed to do the trick.

And to have a quiet loving companion, named Mignon - a 6-toed furball, so Hemingwayesque!

what could be better?


Sheila Vaughan said...

Oh, they are so dignified these ladies - hope I am the same when the time comes - it's not long actually, LOL. I shall probably wear odd clothes, grow my hair and shout at everybody. Love the little fur ball, a real cutie.

n warner said...

I thought this was a swell place....nice people around....Oh, yes, when the time comes, we'll all be off our rockers, right???!