Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Year of the Tiger - Chinatown, Los Angeles

The Chinese New Year is celebrated sometime mid - January to Mid February, because it follows the lunar calendar.

The Chinese celebrate with food, dragon parades and the exchange of red envelopes for prosperity.

The Year of the Tiger is this year's motif.

Sweet flowers for Valentines Day.

My tiger, Vera does not have any of the Chinese characteristics - suspicious, emotional but remains a calm and humble cat, albeit supremely content in the sun.

Twilight to evening for a glorious long weekend...


fredamans said...

Love the pic of Vera the most! :-)

n warner said...

Aaahhh...she's awful sweet, isn't she?! Thanks! :O) N

Connie said...

Hi Nina - totally enjoyed the tour through Chinatown and I love Vera - she's adorable!

n warner said...

Hi Connie, Glad you enjoyed both tours of the Tiger! Best, Nina