Sunday, January 17, 2010


A large addition to the mall has enhanced daily life for many....

the big box store Target has something for everyone.

A tigress-hair sectional is very unique!

Featured valentines bears...

Massages by the dollar...

We combine school and workability needs to navigate our way through this maze.

An amass of colors, lights, and tunes

sets in motion the business of the day....


socializing and eating.

After hours, I walk by the nearby baseball field - LAX adjacent and find planes launching

I like finding new adventures...however local it is.


Connie said...

Nina - I loved my trip to the mall. Usually, I have to drive to San Antonio for my mall 'fix', but now I can just click on your great posting! Wonderful photos - I really enjoyed this!

n warner said...

Thanks very much for taking a look-see! Just a quick tour visually is a lot easier than a long drive. :-)