Sunday, December 6, 2009

Downtown - Nickel bites and Panorama bits

Night on the town...downtown LA at the fab Nickel Diner....

Swirl of veges topped off with parsnips strips...
say that fast 5 times.

Sas vrs. Birch root beer....
I'm partial to Sarsparillo.

A hallmark of theirs, aside from the Cher dessert, is the Bacon-maple donut...A load crunch and sweet, that was not so delish...

Even our waiter, applauded us for leaving off after one bite.

Wouldn't you stand in at the line up.

Union Theatre for some Georgian enchanting songstress'

with rhapsodic
harmonies and accordian rifts.

Outside in the garden...looking up there's a bit of dachau-looking menace.

But delightful full growth
amidst the sprinkle of winter droplets.

Our super proficient driver, Suzanna at the helm...careened around downtown like nobody's business....a head for directions that could stifle any GPS.

I liked our final stop to eat up some luscious red velvet cake....

Need I say more.

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