Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long days and views - pt. deux

November is the start of the holidays -

chill in the air, starry lights....

full of short days and long on hopeful cheer.

Always biking weather.

Thankful for the lush greenery

Public Library downtown

Cornicopia of fall colors

A favorite stop for me is Hashimoto - a garden center on Sawtelle.

It's a little strip of Asian

Buddha busts
pose with serene
and chuckle faces...

A bucket load of narcissus

that sweeten
the cool winter air...

A fury of icelandic poppies brilliant in the sun.

Down in the Playa....

the lagoon has lots of birds, and ebbing tides....

Winter slides....and contrasty light....

Sunny cool fun.

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fredamans said...

Great photos!

You need to send me your email, if you win the contest.

send to freda.mans[at]

Thank you, and Good luck!