Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things that make your heart skip a beat...

The school celebrated a day of various cultures, each class taking on a country and then becoming ambassadors so to speak. We were treated to a procession of dance and music that conjure up feelings of great passion.

Chinese New Year celebration just ended...

The Chinese Lion Dance enables us to ward off the evil spirits and summons luck and good fortune. Small red packets (usually filled with money) are snapped up by the lion. Drums pound, and the wise 'Lion' angles for hands, sizing up willing participants. Those who are fervently hopeful that good things will come through this exchange, wait for this 'strike'.

Bagpipes from Scotland are always moving. The sound they make are heart-rending and soulful. No coincidence that they so often accompany a funeral or family celebration.

Here we had a gentleman walk through our auditorium and set the room ablaze with it's mirthful sound.

And while we end our official 'holiday' season topping it off with Valentines Day, I noted an older gentlemen quite besotted with his date, and a dozen pink roses were left on the table for her.

Here's my ode to more of the above.

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